QA Calibrate

Most organizations think they are scoring the right behaviors in their QA program, but over time the QA staff has become less calibrated, and may not be fulfilling the original vision.

Only 1 in 10 QA organizations have a methodical and effective way to keep their staff calibrated, and to measure it. – QA Audit by Weber Associates


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QA Calibrate - A Tool for Frontline Teams and Management

QA Calibrate is a software tool for your call center that keeps your teams calibrated and provides leadership with the measurement tools they need to continuously improve.

  • Automates your current, labor-intensive calibration process
  • Provides on-the-spot training to your evaluators on how to score a call
  • Leverages a single answer key to deliver consistency across all evaluators
  • Provides insights to manage and improve QA evaluators and their process


Instant Calibration & Feedback

Calibration Reporting


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